Hartley to be replaced as England captain?

England head coach Eddie Jones says that current captain Dylan Hartley might not keep his leadership role moving forward.

The appointment of Hartley was considered a controversial decision after the player's string of disciplinary mishaps over his career. But his aggressive attitude towards the game has brought only good results for England after going unbeaten under his captaincy.

But Jones says the mantle of England captain could be passed onto someone else as they look towards the 2019 World Cup in Japan.

"Dylan's our 'foundation' captain but the next two years will be our (2019) tournament captain. Whether that's Dylan – it's a possibility – or someone else is something we'll appraise," Jones told the Guardian.

On the subject of captaincies Jones believes the best candidate for the British and Irish Lions job is Welsh loose forward Alun-Wyn Jones.

"I think the captain has to be a guaranteed selection and the guy who stands out at this stage is Alun Wyn Jones," said Jones.

"He's a hard Test player. I don't think it's any coincidence he's just been made captain of Wales."