Former FIFA official: Bribes were necessary

Tognoni worked alongside Blater during the Swiss' second term as FIFA president, and has said that corruption ran deep at the organisation.

The 1998, 2010, 2018 and 2022 World Cups have all reportedly been tainted by bribery, but Tognoni believes that practice was all-encompassing.

When asked by the BBC if it was not possible to win the hosting rights for the showpiece event without engaging in illegal transactions, Tognoni said: "This speculation is permitted, yes."

Tognoni appeared to shift some blame away from the hosts nations who may have bribed officials, suggesting that it was part of a game that had to be played.

"Even if there is evidence that Fifa people were bribed, where is the problem? With FIFA, or the people who had no choice but to get the World Cup with bribing?" he said.

Tognoni's comments come hot on the heels of suggestions made be Domenico Scala, the head of FIFA's audit and compliance committee, that Russia and Qatar may lose the right to host the World Cup if their successful bids are linked to corruption.

However, FIFA have issued a statement saying that there is currently no reason to consider such action.

"FIFA initiated the investigation by the Swiss authorities precisely to answer questions such as this," the statement read.

"However, while investigations are ongoing, it should be noted that to date, no evidence has come to light to suggest there are any legal grounds for rescinding the current FIFA World Cup selections."