Cross-country runner gets taken out by rogue deer

Justin DeLuzio received the shock of his life when a runaway deer flattened him during a recent cross-country race in the United States.

Gwynedd Mercy University’s DeLuzio was taking part in the Mideast Regionals when the rampaging doe took him out.

“Someone yelled, and I caught a glimpse of the deer, and I … I just didn’t expect it,” said DeLuzio.

“It lifted me off the ground. I turned to my left and boom — my feet are in the air.

“I sat there in disbelief, I wasn’t quite sure what had happened,’” he added. “Part of me was like ‘This is your last race! Get up!’ while the other part like ‘I just got hit by a deer! Take a breath and acknowledge what just happened!’”

At least DeLuzio was able to see the funny side afterwards.

“I would definitely say there’s relatively low risk in future deer-related injuries in cross-country,” he joked.

“I’m just really fortunate for how it did happen. It could’ve been so much worse.”