Hall slams ‘weak-minded idiot’ Brunson

Uriah Hall has launched a stunning verbal attack on Derek Brunson ahead of their showdown at UFC Fight Night 94.

Jamaican Hall has heard a lot of trash talking throughout his career, but could not quite believe Brunson text him before their fight at the Texas event.

The middleweight duo have been involved in a number of exchanges over social media, which Hall suggests has given him a psychological advantage.

“Homeboy texted me and said ‘hey man I’m going to kick your ass.’ What idiot does that?” Hall said when speaking to FOX Sports. “It clearly shows ‘I’m afraid of you.’ I can’t wait. He actually text messaged me. I don’t even know how he got my number.

“It clearly shows he’s not confident at all. If you can do something like that, you are remotely far from being confident,” Hall said. “You don’t need to text your opponent. You guys are going to step inside the ring. It just inspires me more to go beat him up.”

Brunson controversially questioned whether Hall is a clean athlete, claiming he had been informed by “a legit source” that the 32-year-old had cheated in the past.

However Hall, who has won 12 of his 18 MMA bouts, has dismissed his opponent’s accusation, considering they’ve been undergoing the same drug testing ever since USADA was brought in by the UFC and neither one of them have tested positive for anything.

“Well he’s a (expletive) idiot, that’s one. I don’t know where he got that from. I guess when Yoel (Romero) took it and beat his ass, it got in his head ‘oh now everybody else is on it.’ He’s one of those weak-minded idiots you can’t say anything to because he’ll believe it. I have no idea,” Hall added.

“He’s scared and he’s weak minded and he likes to pick on people he thinks are weak minded and in my defense, that’s the perfect thing you could ever do. I love underestimation. Because not only can I prove you wrong, but I can embarrass you and that’s what I want to do.

“He’s one of those verbal bullies. He tries to intimidate people. He passed by me this morning growling at me and I’m like OK, am I supposed to be nervous or something? You can’t wait for Saturday fast enough.”