McGregor: I’ll box Mayweather

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The Irishman is readying himself to face Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight title at UFC 189 later this month and is still involved in a war-of-words with champion Jose Aldo, who pulled out of their planned clash due to injury.

That didn’t stop McGregor, 26, throwing his hat in to the ring for a potential boxing bout with Mayweather at some point in the future.

In an interview reported on Fox Sports, McGregor said: “If you’re asking would I like to fight Floyd Mayweather… I mean, who would not like to dance around the ring for $180 million?

“I certainly know he would not want to step into my world. The world of pure unarmed combat where there’s no limitations, but I most certainly would step into his world. I would certainly box him if the opportunity arose. Most certainly.

“There’s no real fight in boxing left for Floyd anyways. After the Manny [Pacquiao] fight happened, there’s no more real draws. If you’re looking for a fight that would generate interest, it must be a cross and match up different styles.”

On the possibility of Mayweather attempting martial arts, McGregor added: “I’ve said it before, I don’t think boxing is the style of fighting that can beat Floyd but saying that there are many, many forms of fighting that can beat him.

“If we were to get it on, I would most certainly dismantle him, also.”

Mayweather is yet to name his next opponent but has named Karim Mayfield and Andre Berto as possibilities while the likes of Kell Brook, Keith Thurman and Amir Khan are also keen to face the 38-year-old American.