Thurman wants answer from Floyd

The 26-year-old Thurman (25-0-0-KO21) has made no secret of his desire to face divisional kingpin Mayweather, who some believe will attempt to make it to a flawless 50-fight career by fighting twice more.

Although the 38-year-old has already named Karim Mayfield and Andre Berto as his most likely opponents, Thurman is seen by many as a more viable option – along with British fighters Kell Brook and Amir Khan.

Thurman, who defends his world title against Luis Collazo on July 12, shares a business associate with Mayweather Jr in Al Haymon but is still skeptical over the chances of the fight being made.

When asked by?? he’d say to Floyd if he saw him, Thurman said: “Do you want to fight? Be honest with me. If you???re gonna leave me alone, just let me know you???re gonna leave me alone ??? I???m not worried about it.

“I???m 26 years old. I???m gonna have my own career ??? I will have my own career.

“The whole world knows what I want, you know? I just want an opportunity to showcase my skills and my talent against the man who is claiming to be ???TBE??? [The Best Ever].??

“I???ve stated before that it???s a title one should earn after retirement. You should not be able to get that title within (the sport) ??? he branded himself that so that???s his choice ??? you can???t stop a fighter doing what they want to do.

???My career may consist of a Floyd Mayweather fight or it may not. You can see that I???m humble. I understand the sport of boxing. He doesn???t have much (sic) performances left. We are athletes, we are entertainers, thus we are performers.???

???He???s in a beautiful position where he controls a lot of the stage and the spotlight and how he performs. So it???s more up to him than anything.???