Mosley-Mayorga rematch is on

Mosley, now 42, won the close contest, knocking Mayorga down twice in the 12th round – the second one coming as soon as he’d got up from the first – and forcing referee David Mendoza, to call the knockout a second from the end.

The scorecards had Sugar Shane ahead on two of the three and although a rematch was called for it has taken something like seven years to it to be sorted.

“Signed on the dotted line. It’s official. He isn’t ready. He got real quiet when he saw me. He don’t want these hands.” Mosley tweeted.

The 41-year-old Mayorga (31-8-1-KO25) has only boxed three times in the last four years and since losing to Miguel Cotto in March 2011, his last two fights have seen him up at light-heavy.

Mosley?? (47-9-1-KO39) has been a little bit more active with four fights in the last four years, losing to Manny Pacquiao and Saul Alvarez at welterweight before losing to Anthony Mudine, the latest fighter who wants to fight Floyd Mayweather – courtesy of a letter.