WBA hit back over ‘prehistoric’ claim

The Premier League side is in Austria for a training camp and played Red Bull Salzburg in a friendly on Wednesday night, a game they lost 3-1.

But there was anger behind the scenes at comments from former Wales coach Verheijen, who criticised the club on Twitter after it was revealed Pulis had ordered his players to run the distance of a marathon every three days.

He described their methods as ‘prehistoric’ and claimed they had no understanding of fitness training, something that has clearly upset Albion’s director of performance Dr Mark Gillett.

Verheijen also made similar comments about Bolton’s and Hibernian’s pre-season preparations earlier this month and was scathing about Arsenal’s injury record midway through the 2014-15 season.

“Since arriving Tony has worked closely with myself and my staff to ensure that the right policies have been put in place in all aspects of physical and mental preparation for games,” Gillett said.

“His attention to detail in ensuring the players are physically and mentally ready for games is second to none and his injury record throughout his career speaks for itself.

“The squad has suffered only one muscular injury since Christmas which is testament to the strong relationship between Tony, myself and the Science and Medicine Department.

“Of course the players are pushed hard during pre-season but frankly some of the media reports describing our approach as prehistoric are ridiculous and uneducated.

“In particular the comments made by Raymond Verheijen typify the lack of insight and understanding shown by so-called experts who do not work in the Premier League.”