Whyte brands Joshua ‘a snake’

The two hottest prospects on the domestic heavyweight scene are embroiled in an ongoing war of words and 27-year-old Whyte (14-0-0-KO11) has revealed they made up at one point before Joshua (13-0-0-KO13) unleashed more criticism of his 2012-2014 drugs ban.

Animosity between the pair has continued on social media ever since and promoter Eddie Hearn believes the public will see a different side to Joshua, who lost to Whyte early in his amateur career before going on to win Olympic gold for Britain at the London Olympics.

With the pair set to clash for the British belt in November or December, Whyte is relishing the chance to finally resolve his grievances in the ring.

The Brixton fighter told Sky Sports: “We spoke and we were okay. He was alright and explained that he didn’t like losing and was angry because he lost to me.

“I said to him that I beat him and it was not a thing. We had a little talk and the way it was left was that we were going to get it on as professionals and sort this out in the ring.

“We were alright but then he came back and started saying some more stuff so I flipped out and said ‘this guy is a snake. I can’t trust this guy. I want to get in the ring, have another fight with this guy and settle this once and for all.’

“I didn’t like the fact he tried to belittle me and call me out when he’s got 200,000 followers, so he’s got a much bigger platform. People think what he says is true without reading my case. Anybody can read it and it’s self-explanatory.

“I haven’t seen him or spoke to him since. I want to rip his head off to be honest.

“It’s not going to be the Anthony Joshua show. It’ll be the Dillian Whyte and Anthony Joshua show. Two undefeated prospects going in there with pride. We don’t like each other.

“I’m coming full of ambition and belief that I can beat him and knock him out.”

Joshua, 25, is set to fight again on September 12 before facing his amateur nemesis, while Whyte is confirmed on the ‘Rumble on the Humber’ card on August 1 with opponents yet to be named.