Jackal targets US breakthrough

The??IBF super bantamweight champion is set to defend his title in the Texan city of El Paso next weekend, taking on Alejandro Gonzalez in his first bout outside Britain.

Belfast-born Frampton has a huge following in Northern Ireland but has now set his sights on becoming a big name on the??the international stage, with his first aim showing??American boxing fans what he can do.

“I’m looking forward to the fight,” Frampton said. “It means a hell of a lot.

“It is something me and my team have discussed – I’m pretty well known in the??UK and Ireland but in the US, unless you’re a die-hard boxing fan, you don’t know??who Carl Frampton is, this is a chance for a lot of exposure. It is a big deal.??It is great for me and for out new promotions team.”

The bad blood between Frampton and domestic super bantamweight rival Scott Quigg continues, with Frampton’s latest barb suggesting the Bury fighter asked for too big a percentage of the purse.

“The thing with Quigg is that he is out-pricing himself,” Frampton added. “He thinks he is worth more than what he is.

“I was always told by my mother when I was growing up that I should never sell myself short so why should I sell myself short to Scott Quigg or (promoter) Eddie Hearn?”

As well as Quigg, a future bout with??super bantamweight unified champion Guillermo Rigondeaux remains a big target for Frampton, and the Jackal also has his eyes on a special March date in New York.

“The Rigondeaux fight is a possibility,” he said. “I believe I could win, if you look at him I completely admire what he does but I’m the only man in the super bantamweight division who could beat him and I’d be ready if the chance comes.

“There is a good chance my next fight could be in the UK or Ireland and then??we would look to go to New York on St Patrick’s Day – I think that is where my??main American fan-base will be.”