Team GB’s Davies ‘prayed’ before kick

Great Britain Men's Sevens player James Davies said that his side's tumultuous quarter-final outing at the Olympics brought him to pray for the first time. 

In an unheard of Sevens affair, the weather reduced the game to a 0-0 finish after Gaston Revol missed a penalty at the death, and had to go into extra time. 

GB's Tom Mitchell then went for a kick of his own in extra time which went wayward into the woodwork denying them the win there and then. Davies's team could then breathe a sigh of relief after Dan Bibby got a five-pointer for the side securing them a semi-final place. 

Davies said it was an incredible effort from the whole side.

"I think that’s the first time I have ever prayed before that kick," Davies told Wales Online.

"I lifted Dan in the air after that try. But to be fair it was also a hell of an effort from Mitch from halfway too.

"We just reacted after that kick hit the post as a team like we have done all week and for Bibs to score that try he showed a hell of a lot of bottle and I am glad he did it.

"The weather definitely played its part, you could tell by how many knock ons there were. It was 0-0 at the end of the day and how many times do you see that in sevens?

"I am sure it was a good one to watch even though it was 0-0 and grateful for the win."