Mexico sack coach after ‘punch’

The incident involving Television Azteca’s Christian Martinoli took place on Monday at Philadelphia airport as the team prepared to return home after winning the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

Martinoli, who had been a tough critic of Herrera,??said the coach threatened him in the security line and then hit him in the neck.??

Herrera??denied the claims and said he had only “pushed” Martinoli, adding:??”I’m not that stupid.”

However, the president of the Mexican soccer federation, Decio de Maria, confirmed on Tuesday that Herrera has been dismissed.

“We have taken the decision to relieve national coach Miguel Herrera of his duties,” he said.??”Our values and principles must be maintained regardless of results.”

De Maria did not name a successor but added: “Sacking Herrera was a tough decision.??However, violence has no place in society, in the family and even less so in our sport.

“I believe that Miguel perfectly understands the reason for this decision… all this has made him suffer a lot.”

Mexico advanced to the final after winning two knockout-round matches with the help of late penalties and then beating Jamaica 3-1 to win the tournament.