Meat pies to pull the crowds

If it's more than just Super Rugby quarter-final action you're after, then get down to Canberra this Friday for your free meat pie.

That's right everyone, the kind folks at GIO Stadium will be handing hot and fresh meat pies to the first 2000 spectators that enter the park to watch the Brumbies take on the Highlanders. 

Added to that, you won't have to walk too far for your pie, as there is free parking available from early in the evening and free bus rides from certain locations.

Australia's most successful Super Rugby franchise has been suffering financially of late and the poor crowds have not helped their cause.

Combined, just over 18 000 spectators have attended the Brumbies' last two home games, leaving the financial bosses scratching their heads. 

With a low temperature of three degrees and rain predicted for Friday night’s clash, the powers that be will be hoping the thought of a warm pie will entice the fans out of their homes.

Even a Brumbies win won't secure a home semi-final, so this could be the stadium's last chance to generate some revenue.