Blues captain happy with win

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The Blues recorded a 34-28 win over the Waratahs at Eden Park on Friday to finish off their season on a positive note. 

The Auckland franchise couldn't qualify no matter what the permutations were before the game, so Blues captain James Parsons was just happy to win the game.

"One thing we are trying to find here is a bit of heart, a bit of passion and we've got a quote on our wall about leaving a little bit of ourselves out on the field and I felt we did that, especially toward the end of the first half," Parsons told Radio New Zealand.

"We fed off our defence tonight. We certainly didn't play as well as we would have liked on attack but we were pretty pleased with our scramble.

The Blues skipper said that his side needed to use this win as a benchmark going into next season.

"As long as we meet those standards to the start of next season and lift the bar with a new squad we should be alright" said Parsons.