Daly loses his cool and his club

American golfer John Daly illustrated why he is nicknamed 'Wild thing' during Friday's second round of the PGA Championship at Whistling Straights.

The 1991 champion, a two-time major winner, has always been something of a maverick on course, but showed his angry side at the par-three seventh at the Michigan course.

He looked set to make the cut when he arrived at the seventh, but then proceeded to hit his tee shot into Lake Michigan. Then he attempted the same shot, and again one of America's Great Lakes. Moments later, on his third attempt, the 49-year-old again found the water.

On his fourth attempt, Daly aimed considerably more to the left and found some land, at least.

While walking towards the green, perhaps realising that his chances of qualifying for the weekend had come to an end in a few mad minutes, he chucked the erring club into a lake. A short while later, the club was fished out of the lake by a boy on a boat, who triumphantly held up the club upon retrieving it.

"He threw it about 50 yards," said Matt Dobyns, who was playing in Daly's threesome. 

"He was going to keep hitting them in the water until he hit the shot he wanted to hit. He does run hot. It's always exciting with JD."