Marler lashes out at former Australia coach

England prop Joe Marler has hit out at former Wallabies head coach Bob Dwyer on social media after his criticism of England's scrum.

Dwyer memorably criticised Marler's scrummagging technique prior to England's loss to Australia at the Rugby World Cup.

Now Dwyer has taken aim at Dan Cole and England's front-row with the following comments after the Wallabies' 28-39 loss to England in the first Test.

"How anyone could have allowed Dan Cole to scrummage the way he did was absolutely beyond me," Dwyer told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"How two assistant referees and one referee on the pitch could allow him to consistently and blatantly break the laws of the game, I'm not sure. I couldn't say that Dan Cole's experience and ability didn't play a big part in his clear points win over Scott Sio, but we do expect some semblance of accuracy in accordance with the laws of the game.

"On one occasion, in particular, Cole's backside was out of the scrum facing one sideline and his head was in the scrum facing the other sideline.

"His most consistent offence was angling in but on other occasions he managed to roll his right shoulder and give nothing to push against, causing Scott Sio to roll in as well. More times than not it was a penalty [against Australia].

"People will say it's sour grapes and I don't mind that but before they do I hope they have a good look at the video of the game and make their judgement on the facts."

In response Marler, who is not taking part in England's tour of Australia, tweeted the following: "Bob Dwyer is a w*****."

Craig Joubert will take charge of the second Test between the two sides this weekend in Melbourne.