Cheika won’t engage Jones in media

The Australia head coach Michael Cheika will not be tempted in engaging England Eddie Jones following the former Japan head coach's snide comments in the media.

Cheika believes that Jones is doing what he thinks is needed for the Six Nation Grand Slam winning side.

The England boss even suggested that the Australian customs were out to derail him mentally after his luggage were subjected to a "random search" upon arrival in his native country for the three-match Test series.

The former Leinster boss, who is a former teammate of Jones when both played for the Sydney club, Randwick, is adamant that he will not be drawn into any tussle of words with the England coach.

"It hasn't been nasty. He's just doing what he thinks his team needs," Cheika told AFP.

"He thinks his team might need this obviously, so that's what he's doing to support his team, which is only normal for a coach to do.

"We probably look at it a slightly different way. We're working internally, I suppose, around our mental strength."

The 49-year-old former Waratahs head coach will instead shift his focus and energy on getting his side ready, both physically and mentally, to face England for the first time since they beat Jones' men, 33-13, in last year's World Cup pool stages.

"My focus is very much with our team," he said. 

"I very much want to dedicate all the energy I have to our guys and making sure I'm doing my job properly.

"I don't want my players to think that all that stuff is going to win us the game. But at the end of the day what will win us the game is hard work, aggression, speed, good skills, hunger and being prepared to do whatever it takes and that's what I want to build into our lads this week."

These sides have met on 17 previous occasions which Australia have won 14, however a more daunting task for the visitors is that they have never won their opponents in Brisbane.