Joseph gives Phelps a Schooling

Singaporean swim sensation Joseph Schooling confirmed his status as a medal candidate at the Olympic Games this year after winning the men’s 100m butterfly event at the Longhorns Elite Invite meet in Austin, Texas on Friday.

The 20-year-old Schooling clocked a time of 51.58 seconds to finish ahead of Michael Phelps (51.65s), who has won 22 individual Olympic medals over three separate Games.

Schooling’s University of Texas team-mate Jack Conger finished in third place with a time of 51.72s.

Phelps holds the world record in this event (49.82s), a mark posted in 2009 in the era of supersuits, which have been outlawed since.

Schooling’s time was slightly below his personal best of 50.96s, which was enough to hand him the bronze medal in the World Championships in 2015, Singapore’s first in the event.

Schooling is also entered in the 200m butterfly in Austin.

Although Schooling’s effort was the most impressive of the night, he wasn’t the only swimmer from Singapore to impress. The The 19-year-old Quah Zheng Wen second in the ‘A’ final of the men’s 100m butterfly with a time of 52.45s, just behind Canada’s Santo Condorelli (51.98sec).

Singapore’s Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan Jin shared a video of Schooling’s winning swim: