On This Day: June 4

A famous winning streak ends and a tragic day at the Epsom Derby. We feature two memorable sporting moments from this day in history.

Edwin Moses finally loses


On this day in 1987, the unbeatable face of track and field, Edwin Moses, finally saw his 122-race winning streak come to an end.

The double Olympic champion spent nine years, nine months and nine days utterly dominating the 400m hurdles competition, but his team-mate Billy Harris finally managed to end his streak in Madrid.

Moses still went on to win 10 more consecutive races, including the 1987 World Championships, with Harris taking silver.

Tragedy at the Derby


On this day in 1913, Emily Davison ran in front of the king’s horse Anmer at the Epsom Derby to draw attention to the women’s Suffragette movement.

The jockey was left concussed and the horse unharmed, but Davison would sadly die from her injuries four days later.

Sporting Birthdays

1887 – Tom Longboat, marathon runner
1965 – Mick Doohan, motorcycle racer
1973 – Doug Colman, NFL linebacker
1979 – Daniel Vickerman, rugby player
1985 – Lukas Podolski, footballer