Price delighted by Lahiri and Jaidee

International captain Nick Price has said that he is looking forward to having Anirban Lahiri and Thongchai Jaidee on his team for next month's Presidents Cup.

The pair will be making their debuts at the event, after securing two of the ten automatic qualification spots on the International team that will turn out against the United States in South Korea.

Despite never having previously played in the competition, Price considers Jaidee to be something of a veteran, and has praised the Thai ace's fighting spirit.

“Thongchai Jaidee… what can you say, he’s a fighter,” said Price.

“He’s probably going to be, along with Adam (Scott), the veteran of the team even though he has not played in a Presidents Cup yet. The guy, he’s got a huge heart and I think he’s also going to be a wonderful addition.”

Price also enthused about the prospect of having Lahiri's skills at his disposal, with the 28-year-old the first player from India to feature at the Presidents Cup.

“I’m so happy Anirban made the team," said Price. "I spoke to him last year in Fiji when we played in an event together and he was very excited about the prospect of playing. I know we are going to have a lot of fans in India supporting him.”

The International team will be hoping for a rare victory in a competition that has been thoroughly dominated by the United States who have won eight of the 10 events. The International team claimed their lone victory in 1998, with the 2003 edition ending in a tie.