Mathieu: 49ers are too predictable

Tyrann Mathieu claims San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick makes the 49ers an easy team to read.

The defensive back recorded two interceptions as the Arizona Cardinals breezed to a 47-7 win over the 49ers on Sunday – a game in which Kaepernick saw a career-worst four passes cut out.

However, Mathieu insists the credit belongs with the Cardinals and their playbook.

"The world knows what type of quarterback Colin Kaepernick is," he said. "Obviously, he's a dual threat. He can beat you in the passing game, if you let him.

"A lot of their pass concepts are designed for him to run to his right, to our left, to make it an easier read and to make it an easier throw.

"Because you think about their passing game, a lot of those things are roll-out passes, so you basically cut the field in half and it makes it easier for the quarterback to read. But it also makes it easier for the defense to kind of anticipate where the ball is about to go."

Cardinals and the 49ers are due to meet again at the end of November at Levi's Stadium, and Mathieu knows his team-mates must expect a tougher game.

"I'm sure those guys are hearing this and they're going to switch a few things here and there, but you talk about the NFL, and every team has an identity," he added.

"Some teams are able to get out of that identity for maybe a game or two. But most teams are going to stay the same because that’s what they've been coaching all offseason, all in the spring, and they've been practicing those plays for a very long time.

"I don't expect much to change. But what I do expect is for them to come out and try to establish a passing game because they couldn't do that last Sunday."