London backed for NFL franchise

Two influential NFL owners have given their backing to a permanent future London franchise.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots believe the success of the annual International Series at Wembley proves there is potential for London to host a team once the logistical issues have been solved.

The NFL confirmed in January that Los Angeles will once again have an NFL franchise when the Rams relocate to the west coast in 2019 and Jones says the league is now looking at new ways to expand the game beyond the United States' borders.

"We don't get many opportunities to say 'this is what we want to give back to fans, this is a wow'. Los Angeles was that," he told Peter King on

"What else could we do that with? London looks like that to me, possibly Mexico City looks like that to me."

Patriots owner Kraft, in an interview with Mike Florio on, agreed that the sport should move to London to widen its appeal. 

"I really believe it could happen," he said. "The logistics have to be worked out and I think as we continue to play three games there and maybe even more that a decision on that could happen before the end of the decade.

"I think we have to educate people about how great our game is and when we do – I know the two trips that we have made to London have been unbelievable – and the more people understand our sport, the more will love it and we have pretty much tapped out what we can do here in America."