Anthony rubbishes trade talk

Carmelo Anthony has rubbished reports that he will be looking to leave the New York Knicks if things don't go well this season.

There was speculation during the off-season that Anthony would ask for a trade if the Knicks struggled, despite having a no-trade clause in the five-year $124 million contract he signed last year.

When asked about the possibility after Knicks practice on Monday, Anthony said: "No, hell no. I haven't even – for me to get to that point and decide this is not what it's going to be, I already came this far. That don't even come across my mind at this point."

Anthony was also upset about reports that he wanted to leave the Knicks during the summer and admitted that he became overwhelmed by the unrelenting speculation about his future.

"Just every day it was another team that I was going to be traded to," he added. "I was in everybody's trade this offseason, so after a while, at first it’s like okay, I know it's not true, it's stupid.

"Then after a while it gets old, you start hearing the same thing from a different source every day, a different team every day.

"You've got to walk around and you’ve got to hear the people, fans are asking, you've got to deal with that every where you go, family, downtown.

"So things like that starts to get overwhelming at times."