Rockies stick with Weiss

Manager Walt Weiss will remain at the helm of the Colorado Rockies, despite a disappointing 2015 campaign.

The Rockies wrapped up their season on Sunday with a victory over San Francisco to finish with a 68-94 record.

There had been speculation that Weiss, who has a year remaining on his contract, would leave the franchise, but after talks with general manager Jeff Bridich earlier this week it was decided that Weiss would stay on.

"The meeting today with Jeff was a good conversation," Weiss said. "We still have a lot to discuss about the season and about making 2016 better, so we will be talking more."

Bridich added: "Walt and I met for several hours (Tuesday) about the season and how we can get better with him back in 2016. It's going well and we will continue to meet."

Weiss has been publicly been backed by his charges, with ace third baseman Nolan Arenado among those to throw their support behind Weiss.

"I think Walt is a fine manager, I just don't think we had all the pieces we needed to win, and we didn't perform like we needed to," Arenado said. "I think if he gets more pieces to work with, we can find out how good a manager he really is."