Cuddyer doesn’t regret Mets move

Even though he has struggled for regular game time this year, Michael Cuddyer doesn't regret moving to the New York Mets.

In the off-season, Cuddyer rejected a one year $15million move to the Rockies, instead opting to sign a $21million deal with the Mets that will keep him in the Big Apple for two years.

"I know people roll their eyes when they hear this sometimes. But winning is more important than money," Cuddyer told the New York Post.

"And when I saw where this team was headed, seeing what was in the forecast, it reminded me of where we were in 2001 with Minnesota: a team building, not quite there yet, that was ready to move. 

"When it comes to winning, I think all of us feels the same way. I don't care how it happens or what has to happen for that to happen. We just want to win."

The 36-year-old struggled with a knee injury during the early part of the season before eventually being placed on the Disabled List in July.

He returned to action in mid-August, but only had limited time in the Mets outfield after they acquired Yoenis Cespedes. 

"Playing time is great. I want to go out there and help the team as much as anything, but the root of it all is winning," he added.

"And let me tell you: I went from winning six division titles in nine years with the Twins to playing four years in a row where I never lost less than 93. You get used to winning. And learn to appreciate it an awful lot when it stops happening."