Coe: Russia will not be reinstated to IAAF

IAAF president Lord Sebastian Coe revealed that while Russia will not be reinstated to the athletics federation in the immediate future.

Russia was banned from the IAAF in November 2015 after an expose aired on a German television channel highlighting the massive flaws in Russian drug testing procedures.

Coe was speaking at a two-day IAAF summit in Monaco.

“While progress has been made, the council unanimously agreed that the Russian authorities need to undertake further significant work to satisfy the reinstatement condition, so RUSAF [the Russian Athletic Federation] should not be reinstated to the IAAF at this stage,” revealed Coe.

“My job is not to get as many athletes to the Olympic Games as possible. The job of the council is to make sure those athletes who are going to the Games are clean under systems based on integrity.

“There were no pre-ordained outcomes today. We were satisfied, unanimously, that more work needed to be done, although some progress has been made, before we can be asked to make the decision.”

The Brit added that the final decision on Russia competing at the Rio Olympics will be revealed at the next IAAF meeting in May.

Meanwhile, Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko believes his nation have done everything asked of them.

“You say we should elect new leadership for the athletics federation – OK, we’ve done that,” he told Reuters.

“You should not elect anyone to be the leader who has done this or that – OK, we did that.

“There are no criteria. What should Russian athletics do? Dance on the table? Sing a song?”