Rasmus: Little League prepared me for playoffs

Colby Rasmus of the Astros says his experiences playing in the Little League World Series as a 12-year-old helped prepare him for the pressure of the major league playoffs.

Rasmus has been impressive for the Astros in the postseason, hitting a home run for the third straight game in Game two of the American League Division Series against the Royals on Friday, and also hitting a double and driving in two runs.

He set a major league record by getting a hit in each of the first six postseason games of his career.

Surprisingly, he credits this kind of performance under pressure to his time in Little League.

"I think my youth may have something to help with that," Rasmus said. 

"I played in front of 40,000 when I was 12 years old, the Little League World Series, and that was what it was all about. Being ready for the big moment and just getting out there and getting after it. Not being scared to make a mistake. And I think that's helped me. 

"My dad, growing up, working with us and putting us in those situations, in stressful situations. I think I somewhat feed off of that."

Despite Rasmus helping the Astros to a 4-1 lead against the Royals, they went on to lose 5-4 with the Royals tying the series one-all.