Tate shocks Holm

Miesha Tate stripped Holly Holm of her Women’s Bantamweight title at UFC 196 and insists that she is now ready to take on anyone to defend it.

After almost ending the fight in the second round with a choke, Tate finally made her dominance on the floor count in the fifth round.

The challenger followed up a technically sound front kick with an attempted take down.

However, Holm appeared to have defended it well and remained standing.

This presented Tate with an opportunity to enforce a rare-naked choke and she took it with both hands. Still in the choke, Holm was wrestled to the ground and refused to tap-out. Tate was not about to let go and an epic fight was called as Holm fell unconscious.

Speaking afterwards Tate confirmed what was glaringly obvious throughout the battle – her only chance of victory was if she could take the fight to the floor.

“I felt she was getting the better of me on the feet and I thought in the fifth round I had to give it everything and finish this fight,” the new champion said.

Holm shared a similar view.

“I let her get too tight before I shook her off. It was a big mistake and it cost me everything. But I’ll be back.”

As for Tate’s next opponent, she insists she is willing to take on anyone.

“My job as the champion is to fight the next best person and whoever that is, I’ll fight her.”

UFC president, Dana White, was clear on what the future held for Tate.

“I think that Ronda now will fight Miesha Tate for the title. That’s what’s going to happen,” White said to ESPN.com.

“That’s what I said before this fight even happened. Whoever wins tonight will fight Ronda for the title.”