Gatlin breaks Bolt’s record…or does he?

A bizarre video has emerged of Justin Gatlin smashing Usain Bolt’s 100m world record, albeit with some assistance.

The clip is taken from the Japanese TV show Kasupe. The show was filmed in 2011 and it is unclear why it has taken so long to reach the internet, and it is reported that Gatlin received two million yen (approximately $25,000) for appearing on the program.

It shows the American sprinter being assisted by a series of high powered fans and posting a blistering time of 9.45 seconds, 0.13 seconds better than Bolt’s official world record of 9.58 seconds.

One wonders what the Jamaican superstar could post if afforded the same opportunity.

It is worth mentioning that the fans reportedly provided more than four times the legal limit [4 meters per second] allowed for records in competition.

Back in the real world – where Gatlin has been banned twice for doping – his best over the 100m distance is 9.74 seconds, which he set in Doha last year.