Bolt targets first ever ‘triple triple’

Usain Bolt will be aiming for something that has never been achieved in the history of sport at the Rio Olympics.

The Jamaican superstar has claimed the gold medal in the 100m, 200m and the 4x100m relay in the past two Olympic Games.

In Rio, Bolt will set out for an unprecedented ‘triple triple’, which he admits will be one of his top accolades.

Arguably, the only person standing in his way is Justin Gatlin. While Bolt beat the American at the World Championships in both distances, Gatlin posted the fastest 100m time of 2015 earlier last year and is a real threat.

“To win the triple-triple would be my greatest achievement,” the 29-year-old told Eurosport.

“I have had a great career so far but I want to keep winning medals.

“As I always say I never focus on any one individual. I respect all my opponents but I know if I am fit and healthy that I will be very hard to beat.”

A report recently suggested that Arsenal’s fleet-footed Hector Bellerin could run 40m faster than Bolt, which the sprinter refuted.

“These stories make me laugh,” he added.

“Footballers are very fast over the first 10-20m – that is what they train for. I train to be fast over 100m or 200m.

” I have not heard of any footballer who can break ten seconds for the 100m.”

Sticking with football, Bolt revealed that he has not been impressed with this Premiership team, Manchester United so far this season.

“As a Manchester United fan, we are used to watching attacking, entertaining, winning football,” he continued.

“We haven’t seen much of either this season.”

In terms of retirement, Bolt revealed in February 2015 that he will retire from athletics after the 2017 World Championships in London.

Despite the date getting closer, he is trying not to think about it.

“Right now I am not even thinking about this,” said the six-time Olympic gold medallist.

“I have my business interests, I have the Usain Bolt Foundation – I will continue to be an ambassador for some of my sponsors. I will keep busy.”