Maestri handed citing warning

A Citing Commissioner Warning has been issued to the French second row, Yoann Maestri, following an incident in the 13th minute of the match between France and Ireland on Saturday, February 13 in the Six Nations.

The independent citing commissioner reported that Maestri had used his shoulder in making contact with the Ireland fly-half, Johnny Sexton, which resulted in Mr Sexton being knocked off his feet.

The citing commissioner concluded that Maestri had infringed the World Rugby's laws of the game and that his actions fell 'just short of' warranting a red card.

Maestri has been informed of the Citing Commissioner Warning. 

When a player receives three yellow cards and/or Citing Commissioner Warnings in matches during the championship, that will give rise to a 'totting up' case, to be heard by a Disciplinary Committee.

The Disciplinary Committee will consider whether the player is able to demonstrate that one or more of the yellow cards/Citing Commissioner Warnings were wrongly issued to him, and (if the player is not able to demonstrate such matters) what sanctions should be imposed.