Why Cam walked out

New camera angles have picked up boastful comments from Denver Broncos player Chris Harris Jr which apparently provoked Cam Newton to storm out of his post-game Super Bowl press conference.

The Carolina Panthers star man, after losing 24-10 in the big game to the Broncos, attracted criticism for turning in a below-par performance and then refusing to properly answer questions from the media and departing abruptly.

However, whilst many believe that Newtons antics were simply a result of losing, new footage has emerged that suggests Carolina’s quarterback was provoked by Harris Jr.

The Denver Broncos cornerback, according to one video, can be heard talking about his team’s strategy near Newton at the same press conference.

“Can you throw the football?,” Harris jibed.

“That was the game plan. Load the box, one on one man outside. They got a couple big plays, but I feel like me, Talib and Roby, we were able to come back and make more plays to shut them down.”

That is when Newton shook his head, got up from his chair and left the room.