Rondina forgot our friendship, jokes Adamson’s Paat

Twitter went abuzz during the matchup between UST and Adamson in their Season 78 salvo due to the impressive performance of diminutive spiker Cherry Rondina.

Standing just 5-foot-5, Rondina fooled, went over and got through her towering blockers, scoring 30 big points while unknowingly becoming a trend on the social media platform.

Everyone seems to be impressed with the Cebuana spiker — everyone including one of her designated blockers Wednesday, Adamson team captain Mylene Paat.

“The way she moves inside the court, she’s like a crab!” exclaimed Paat, pertaining to Rondina’s agility and energy in transitioning from defense to offense.

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“I look up to her. She has very good timing when she hits the ball,” she added.

But while the action was intense between the 2 spikers, it turns out that they are friendly to each other outside the court especially after the numerous times they faced each other in beach volleyball tournaments.

“They are my sisters, Rondina and (Rica) Rivera. We always play against each other in beach volley tournaments and we’re all friends,” shared the Pangasinan native.

There was nothing close to friendly in the atmosphere during the 5-set thriller, however, as UST and Adamson exchanged attacks and blocks in their attempts to take home win number one.

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The Lady Falcons eventually won the tussle and Paat humbly recognized Rondina’s exceptional volleyball skills.

“Yes, I was the one guarding her,” she said before letting out a hearty laugh.

“During the game a while ago, she forgot our friendship. She made me feel like were enemies,” quipped the opposite spiker.

While defending such an explosive attacker is already a daunting task, it didn’t help that Wednesday’s game was Paat’s 1st time to wear the Adamson jersey as the leader of the pack.

“It’s my first time to feel nervous in a game ever,” she revealed.

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“I never get jitters whenever I play volleyball but in my first game as team captain, I got tongue-tied,” she added. “I had things to say to my teammates and I couldn’t say it so I just cheered them on.”

The usually cool and composed spiker visibly lost her focus in the 3rd and 4th sets but she recovered in the nick of time to lead her team to a 1-0 record.

“I fought hard and thank God I did not choke. I’m still adjusting to my new role. We are all still adjusting,” she closed.