Broncos unhurt in bus crash

No players were hurt after two buses carrying the Denver Broncos were involved in a traffic accident on Monday.

The Broncos were on their way back from a pre-Super Bowl 50 practice on Monday afternoon when a motorcade of buses and California Highway Patrol (CHP) motorcycles appeared to be cut up by another driver.

A CHP officer came off his bike but he was reported to have only sustained minor injuries in the accident, which occurred north west of Santa Clara, where Sunday's game will take place at Levi's Stadium.

One of the three Broncos buses was disabled and players were moved on to a different bus before being taken back to their hotel.

"Everybody was okay," veteran linebacker DeMarcus Ware said during Super Bowl Media Day, which took place in San Jose later on Monday.

"It was a fender bender that we had, and I'm just glad that everybody is okay from that.

"I was in one of the back buses. I just remember getting hit, but I don't know anything from there.

"When you think about going and doing the media, you wouldn't think about being in an accident and coming here to talk about it, but I am just glad everybody is okay from it."