Robshaw pledges Hartley support

Former England captain Chris Robshaw said the decision to appoint Dylan Hartley has the captain of the national team was completely justified.

Hartley took over at the helm, following the appointment of Eddie Jones as the national coach and Robshaw is more than comfortable with that decision.

In addition, he has committed himself to backing Hartley in every respect during England's Six Nations campaign, which starts this week.

"I fully understand the reasons for the captaincy change and respect Eddie for his choice and will support Dylan as well as possible," Robshaw told the Northampton Chronicle this week.

"For me now it is about being part of the team, doing my bit for the team whatever that may be and supporting Dylan."

Robshaw is not in the least bit embarrassed about his tenure at the helm of the England national team, suggesting that it is unlikely to have any bearing on his contribution to the team in the future.

"It is interesting to look back over the past four years. I'm extremely proud that I've had the opportunity to captain England," he added.

"Of course it didn't always go our way and there were a couple of mistakes along the way. I'm not proud of how the World Cup turned out but I'm extremely proud to have captained this country."