Rose still suffering from blurred vision

Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose will play in his side's season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday even though he is still dealing with blurred vision. 

Rose's blurred vision is a result of the fractured left orbital he suffered when he was elbowed in the face during a practice session on September 29. 

"A little bit when I look certain places," Rose told reporters. "But if I concentrate a little bit harder or focus on it a little bit harder, I can see one thing."

Rose played in the Bulls' pre-season finale against the Dallas Mavericks and scored eight points in 10 minutes of action. While his performance was a highly encouraging sign of things to come, Rose was more pleased about the fact that the swelling around his left eye has begun to subside. 

"You can tell, right?" Rose said. "It's still blurry a little bit, but every day it's improving, so it's a slow process."

Meanwhile, Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg confirmed that Rose will be in the starting line-up against the Cavaliers, but conceded that he does not know how long the 27-year-old will play for. 

"Derrick's going to go," Hoiberg said. "We'll start Derrick [on Tuesday], and we'll see on minutes. He doesn't have any restrictions, per se, but we'll be a little bit careful just for the fact that he hasn't had a lot of practice time."