Collins won’t change for Royals

Even though the Kansas City Royals have had remarkable success against power pitching this season, New York Mets manager Terry Collins won't alter their game plan during the World Series.

"Successful pitchers pitch to their strength," Collins is quoted as saying by the Wall Street Journal.

"If that's your main pitch, that's what you're throwing. What you've got to do is make good pitches with it.

"We've still got to pitch to our strength, and our strength is power."

The Royals have attacked fastballs early in the count with great success so far this season but have often struggled to handle pitchers with a lower velocity.

In fact, they only bat at 209 on pitches 85 mph or slower, which is one of the worst success rates in the American League.

Mets bench coach Bob Geren agrees with Collins, though, saying the Royals' aggressive approach can be used against them.

"Sometimes to get the bat going to get to 95, you end up swinging at some marginal pitches," Geren said. 

"So if they're not walking, but they're getting hits, the total overall offensive output might not be any greater than a team that hits .240 on that pitch but tends to walk more."