NBA: Five players to watch

The new NBA season is here, and we've picked five players to keep your eye on.

1) LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Just in case

Quite simply, the best player in the world right now. His hair might be getting shorter by the day, but his game certainly isn't. Fans will be slightly worried about his back, which he injured in the pre-season.

2) James Harden (Houston Rockets)

Just in case

The Bearded One was a leader all over the court. Last season, he was first in minutes played (2,981), second in points per game (27.4) and first in points (2,217). Oh, and first in turnovers (321). But he's definitely exciting.

3) Steph Curry (Golden State Warriors)

Just in case

We've got Curry behind Harden just to create a bit of controversy, but there's no question who was the biggest leader of the 2014-5 NBA Champs. Curry led the league in three-point scoring (286), was third in three-point percentage (0.443) and was second in the NBA with 1900 points. He's incredible.

4) Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks)

Just in case

Not particularly liked by New York fans after spending two seasons scoring more season-ending surgeries than points (it seemed), but 'Melo' is back and people are pretty excited. When Anthony's in-form, he can be unstoppable. Let's hope injuries don't stop him.

5) Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Just in case

It will be great to have Durant – and his team-mate Russell Westbrook – back playing together. One of the league's best scorers and best talents, he can dominate teams. 

Who are you most looking forward to watching as the NBA returns?