Volquez’s father dies before Royals win

Kansas City Royals pitcher and Game 1 starter Edinson Volquez's father died hours before Tuesday's World Series match against the New York Mets.

Daniel Volquez, 63, died in the Dominican Republic of complications from heart disease.

"His wife's wish was that he (Edinson) not be told before or during this start," Joe Buck reported on FOX's broadcast. 

"With respect to that, we kept that news quiet until he came out of the game."

According to Buck, Volquez first learned of his father's passing after finishing his start and entering the clubhouse.

He was then greeted by family members with the sad news.

In Tuesday's World Series Game 1, Volquez pitched solidly and was relieved after six innings of work with a no decision. He allowed three runs on six hits and a walk. Royals won the game 5-4 in the 14th inning.