Horcoff hit with 20-match suspension

Anaheim Ducks forward Shawn Horcoff has been suspended for 20 matches after being found to have violated the NHL’s doping regulations.

Horcroff will also have to forfeit $357,500 in salary due to the nature of the unpaid suspension.

The NHL has refused to reveal the banned substance, but the 37-year-old admitted he had inadvertently taking it as part of his recovery from injury.

“While recovering from an injury I suffered this past autumn, I tried a treatment that I believed would help speed up the healing process,” he said in a statement.

“Although I was unaware that this treatment was not permitted under NHL rules, that is no excuse whatsoever. I should have done my research … I accept full responsibility for my actions and I am sorry.”

Horcoff has contributed six goals and four assists in 45 appearances for the Ducks this season.