Davis won’t let injury stop him

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Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis says nothing will stop him being part of Super Bowl 50, despite breaking his arm in the NFC Championship Game.

Davis was injured making a tackle just before half-time in the Panthers’ one-sided 49-15 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night.

“I ain’t missing the Super Bowl,” Davis said straight after the game. “You better believe that. The early prognosis is it’s broken. We’ll get it figured out, and I’ll be ready in two weeks.”

That prognosis proved to be correct, and Davis had surgery on Monday, with coach Ron Rivera saying he expected the All-Pro to be available to play against the Denver Broncos on Sunday week in Santa Clara.

Rivera said: “My understanding is if everything goes well it is something he can mostly certainly play with it so we are excited about that possibility.

“I don’t doubt any word he says. If he says he will be ready, I know he will be ready.”

The 11-year veteran, who will be going to his first Super Bowl, has endured some serious injuries during his career including three torn anterior cruciate ligaments.

Cornerback Roman Harper is also expected to be fit to take on the Broncos after missing most of the win over the Cardinals with an eye injury.

“Because of my Lasik [surgery], the flap on my cornea shifted,” Harper said. “It’s just one of those crazy things. They said the odds of that happening are like a million to one. It happens, and I’ll be back.”