Ryan dismisses injury concerns

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has dismissed speculation over reports that injuries are playing a part in his inconsistent performances this season.

The Falcons are 6-1 this year despite Ryan's recent mishaps, having thrown four interceptions and lost two fumbles in his last three games, but he says it isn't down to any rumoured health concerns.

"I am healthy," said Ryan.

"Feeling good. Body feels really good. You know, just haven't played as well as I would like the last couple weeks. I think offensively, we would all say the same. But we've been finding ways to get it done, and that's huge. We'll take the wins any way we can get them."

Atlanta face NFC South rivals Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4) on Sunday and Ryan says that although the Falcons boast a strong winning record, the team is always looking to get better each week.

"We're always looking for ways to improve, and you have to have the mindset that winning is great and we want to win – that's the objective – [but] we've got to find ways to be better than we have been up until this point," Ryan revealed.

"For me, I think one of things that I've got to do is just be more consistent with my footwork. When you throw with a great base, your ball tends to be the most accurate. Yeah, that's what I'll be working on all week.

"My [football] is coming out fine. It's just I've got to be a little more accurate than I've been up until this point.

"From a physical standpoint, our offensive line has done a great job this year. My body feels great; haven't taken a ton of hits. And I think that's going to bode well for us long-term.''