Rivers prepared for emotional farewell

Philip Rivers has reacted to the possibility that the Chargers could play their final game in San Diego this weekend.

The Chargers are currently one of three teams that are keen on a move to Los Angeles in 2016, and with San Diego's playoff hopes over, Sunday could well be their final game at their current home.

"It could be emotional, it really could be," Rivers said. "Certainly not knowing and not gonna know right after the game either. But I think I'll probably even soak in the drive over there (Qualcomm Stadium) probably a little more than the past 100 something times I've done it for a game."

The Chargers currently sit at 3-10 after a season that has been marred by injury problems and poor play, issues that have affected attendances at Qualcomm, the home of the Chargers since 1967. 

"I don't know what the atmosphere is gonna be like," Rivers said. "You don't really know. I think once you get (to) playing you're just trying to win a game. And if it were to be (the last game) you'd want to end it with a win. If it's not you still want to end it with a win the way this year's going — just win the game."

Sunday could also be an emotional day for the Chargers fans as they welcome the Miami Dolphins.

"I can get emotional thinking about it — riding down that hill for the last time into the stadium and the feeling you always have," Rivers added. "I'll have a little different feel to it I'd image."