King James all apologies after court-side clash

LeBron James was quick to apologise to the wife of world number two golfer Jason Day after she was stretchered out of the Quicken Loans Arena following a court-side clash with the Cleveland forward.

Ellie Day was sitting in the front row with her PGA Championship-winning husband when James dove for a loose ball with three minutes remaining on the clock during the Cavaliers' 104-100 win over Oklahoma City on Thursday.

James managed to keep the ball from going out-of-bounds, but crashed head-first into Ms. Day, who had to receive medical attention on the sidelines.

She was then fitted with a neck brace before being stretchered away and taken to hospital, accompanied by her husband.

"The guys told us she's doing great now," the 250-pound (113 kg) forward told reporters after the game.

"I was going for a loose ball trying to keep the possession going and I hate that was the end result of it. Obviously her health is very important."

Despite the collision, James added that he feels the close proximity to the players were a great experience for court-side fans.

"I mean that doesn't happen much. It's unfortunate it happened tonight but that doesn't happen much," he said.

"Our fans are why our game is so great. Sitting courtside, it's all part of the game. It's pretty cool. If I was a fan, which I am a fan of the game but I would love to sit courtside and watch games."

Shortly afterwards, James took to Twitter to issue an apology to her: