The top 10 viral sports videos of 2015

We take a look at 10 of the most memorable viral sports videos of the year, including a pratfall from a world record holder, a champion surfer's brush with death and a moment of comeuppance for Sepp Blatter.

The eyes of the world are always on professional athletes and officials, so when something out of the ordinary occurs, there's usually a camera around to capture it.

10. Usain Bolt knocked over by cameraman

Usain Bolt was basking in the glow of his own success, acknowledging the applause of the crowd after winning the 200m at the World Championships in Beijing, when a rogue cameraman lost control of the segway he was travelling on and crashed into him.

Bolt was totally upended and appeared hurt at first, but he managed to see the funny side of the incident afterwards and graciously accepted the clumsy cameraman's apology:

9. Mick Fanning survives shark attack on live TV

All surfers know they face an element of risk whenever they're in the sea – after all, the land may belong to us, but we certainly don't rule the oceans.

Australian professional surfer Mick Fanning found that out for himself at the JBay Open in South Africa, when cameras captured a massive shark attacking him on live television.

At first, it appeared that Fanning had been dragged under by the fearsome fish, but he managed to fight off the beast before resurfacing, ultimately escaping the incident unharmed:

8. Comedian makes it rain on Sepp Blatter

With the news breaking that Sepp Blatter has received an eight-year ban from football, effectively ending his professional association with the sport, let's look back to July, when comedian Simon Brodkin hijacked a FIFA Executive Committee Meeting and made his feelings on the corruption charges levelled at Blatter perfectly clear, showering the aged administrator with dollar bills for the whole world to see:

7. Ronda Rousey gets KO'd

All eyes were on Ronda Rousey as she defended her bantamweight title against challenger Holly Holm at UFC 193 in Melbourne last month.

The Rousey hype had hit the stratosphere in the build-up to the bout, but no one could have guessed what would happen on the night of the fight.

Not only did the champion lose, she was utterly demolished, taking several straight punches to the face before getting floored by a crunching left-footed kick:

6. Andy Murray's wife caught cursing

Andy Murray was involved in a tense semi-final against Tomas Berdych at the Australian Open when TV cameras captured his betrothed letting loose with an epic rant aimed at poor Berdych.

What followed was a flurry of speculation over just what exactly Kim Sears said, as amateur lip readers the world over offered their best guesses.

A few variations surfaced, and none of them were suitable for children:

5. James Blake tackled by undercover cop

American tennis star James Blake found himself the unwitting victim of a case of mistaken identity back in September.

The former world number four was waiting at the entrance to the Grand Hyatt hotel in Manhattan when an undercover police officer mistook him for a criminal suspect.

Surveillance footage showed poor Blake getting slammed to the ground by the officer and cuffed before being dragged off to the police station, where he was later released after no doubt receiving a profuse apology:

4. Kyrgios vs Wawrinka

Sledging sometimes is a part of sport, but everyone agreed that controversial young Australian Nick Kyrgios went too far when playing Stan Wawrinka at the Rogers Cup in Montreal.

After a fiery on-court exchange, microphones picked up Kyrgios telling Wawrinka, 'Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that mate.'

The sledge was in reference to women's tennis player Donna Vekic, who apparently was in a relationship with Thanasi Kokkinakis, another pro tennis player, before getting together with Wawrinka.

Not one of tennis' finest moments:

3. Bread factory explodes during live football match

In early November, viewers watching a Romanian Liga II fixture between FC Brasov and Ramnicu Valcea got more than they bargained for when cameras captured a massive explosion at a bread factory that was situated nearby.

Even the fans in the stadium couldn't help but forget about what was transpiring on the pitch, focusing their attentions on the fiery blaze behind them instead:

2. Golfer 1 Seagull 0

Golf isn't known as a particularly dangerous sport, but try telling that to this poor seagull.

The unsuspecting bird wasn't accounting for just how awful this amateur golfer's drive could be, and unfortunately paid the ultimate price:

1. How not to respond to getting a yellow card

We've chosen two separate incidents for this one, as two referees both found themselves on the receiving end after handing out yellow cards.

The first incident took place during a Copa Peru match between Union Perene and Pichanaki. The ref gives the Union goalkeeper a yellow card and then makes the mistake of turning his back on the incensed gloveman:

The next incident happened in Argentina in match between Ferro and Tiro Federal.

This time the player that received the caution was Alejandro Roncaglia, who completely lost his head and knocked the poor referee out cold.

Even Roncaglia's team-mates couldn't believe what they saw:

Special mention: Otto, the skateboarding bulldog

We couldn't resist adding this video of a bulldog who set a new world record for, and we quote, 'the longest human tunnel traveled through by a dog skateboarder'.

That's a lot to take in, so why not just watch Otto do his thing: