Schofield: Panthers are sore losers

Atlanta Falcons linebacker O'Brien Schofield says the Carolina Panthers were "sore losers" following the 20-13 victory at the Georgia Dome.

The Falcons handed Cam Newton and the Panthers their first loss of the season and Schofield didn't hold back in hitting out at how Ron Rivera's team handled themselves following Sunday's defeat. 
"If you handle yourself with class, you don't have to worry about that," Schofield said.

"But you see, they didn't handle themselves with class the first time we played [when Carolina won 38-0]. So I didn't care about how they were feeling after this game. I was 'dabbing' all in their faces.

"They took a picture during the game and posted it on social media the first time we played. It was a whole team picture. And Cam was running up and down the sidelines. There wasn't none of that today. We played a football game today. I'm not even a trash talker, but when someone disrespects you and you get payback and then they can't handle it, that's glorious. If they could handle it, it would be cool. I probably wouldn't have even 'dabbed.' But I was 'dabbing' in front of everybody."

The whole Atlanta team, including owner Arthur Blank, were doing the 'dab' dance to mock Newton and the Panthers following the win and Schofield said he had no regrets about doing it in front of Carolina defensive end Charles Johnson.

"Charles Johnson came up to me and said, 'Who are you?' and I said to him: 'I'm a Super Bowl champ and a two-time NFC Champ. Who are you?'" said Schofield.

"They're trying to tell me, 'You're going to be at home while we're in the playoffs.' I don't care."