Al Jazeera deny accusing Manning of doping

An Al Jazeera representative has spoken publicly, denying that the network accused Peyton Manning of using Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Al Jazeera's Deborah Davies featured on NBC on Tuesday to shed light on her network's stance regarding the Peyton Manning doping controversy.

Al Jazeera recently released a documentary entitled The Dark Side, which explored illegal doping within professional sport.

Part of the documentary saw a former employee of the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis, Charlie Sly, claim that he knew of numerous Growth Hormone shipments that had been sent to the wife of Denver Bronco's quarterback, Peyton Manning.

"The allegation in the program is very simple, that when Charlie Sly worked in the Guyer doing part of his training … The clinic was sending out not one shipment but repeated shipments of Growth Hormone to Ashley Manning in Florida. That's it," Davies explained to NBC.

The crucial question is whether a clear implication was made in the documentary that Peyton Manning was the eventual recipient of the drug shipments. The former Superbowl champion is considering taking legal action against Al Jazeera.

Charlie Sly has since renounced everything he said in the documentary and has also claimed that a number of the calls and conversations he had with the network were recorded without him providing consent.