Hansen not optimistic about Russia

Svein Arne Hansen, head of European Athletics, is not convinced that Russia will be able to reform in time to send a track and field team to the Rio Olympics in 2016.

The Summer Games are scheduled to start in August 2016. However, Russian athletics is still under considerable scrutiny after it was found guilty of using non-accredited laboratories to process its urine and blood sample analysis.

The findings were made by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) earlier this year. As a result Russian has been deemed non-compliant. It has been reported that 1,400 samples were "intentionally and maliciously" destroyed by a Moscow laboratory even after a WADA plea to preserve them.

The expectation from WADA and the IAAF is for Russia to make doping illegal, ban all those who were implicated in the scandal and eradicate the culture of cheating which currently exists in Russian athletics.

Hansen does not think this can or will be done before an inspection is conducted by the IAAF between January and March.

"We will have the first report to the IAAF in March but for the moment they have to really, really put a lot of effort in to compete in Rio," Hansen told Athletics Weekly.

"For the moment they have to fulfil the conditions, but I cannot really see them competing in Rio," explained Hansen.

"They must have a cultural change. They must get rid of all those people from before.

"The system was such that they have a good result and you're paid more. You get paid by the medals, and the coaches, so it's not really good. But I'm sure the good people in Russia will work hard to change this."