Creevy building identity with Jaguares

Jaguares captain Agustín Creevy has said that building a club atmosphere is essential for the squad before the new Super Rugby season.

The Argentine franchise's group of players are packed full of international players, with many having starred recently at the Rugby World Cup in England.

Creevy was excited to see preparations begin in earnest on Monday for the the 2016 season, and revealed how even just working together in the gym was helping the Jaguares bond together.

"It was a great morning meeting up with the boys, the coaches and everyone who works behind the scenes. They explained how the process starts now and we are very happy that things are underway," Creevy told the UAR website.

"The idea is to feel like a club and do the things we usually did at our previous clubs together in the gym. This will help us to form an identity and means that we feel at home training here."

Creevy was also eager to stress the differences between playing for the Jaguares and Argentina, with turning out for the Super Rugby side no guarantee of making the Test side.

"We're the Jaguares, not los Pumas," he added.

"This is our club and we want to make it a success. Then, playing for Argentina will come as a reward for our good form in Super Rugby.

"Being together and building up the squad now are fundamental things we'll need to then do well in the tournament."

Photo courtesy of UAR