Greinke cancels Dodgers deal

Zack Greinke could return to the Los Angeles Dodgers next year despite cancelling the last three years of his contract.

The right-hander was one of an additional 12 players to become a free agent on Wednesday, raising the total to 151 ahead of the off-season, after giving up $71m (£46.1m) in guaranteed money over the next three years.

Greinke, 32, was one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball last season, boasting a 19-3 record and striking out 200 batters in 222 1/3 innings.

The three-time All Star signed a $147m (£95.5m) five-year deal with the Dodgers at the end of the 2012 season and the likelihood is that he will stay with the franchise on improved terms.

He was due to be paid $24m (£15.6m) next season and in 2018, and $23m (£14.95m) in 2017 but can expect a raise on those numbers in any new contract, either with the Dodgers or one of their competitors if a bidding war begins.

Even with Greinke and Clayton Kershaw at the top of their rotation, the Dodgers were unable to progress as far as the World Series despite winning the National League West three years running.

Greinke had the right to cancel the rest of that deal within three days of the end of the World Series, which was won last Sunday by the Kansas City Royals.